Georgia Hicks

Frankston VIC

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Ever since my first experience on the mat 11 years ago, I've been absolutely hooked! Yoga has helped me with balance, openness, strength, focus and flexibility on the mat, but more importantly is how these aspects have transcended into every aspect of my life.

In 2015 I left behind a full time job, mortgaged of my house and left the country with nothing but the bag on my back and a Yoga mat. What followed was the most inspiring and exciting 7 months of my life. I had the opportunity to really deepen my practice, work with the world's best teachers, complete my 500 hr RYT, teach all around Indonesia and then I topped it off by being becoming a certified ACROVINYASA teacher with Yoga Beyond.

I am now in the process of opening my own studio in Parkdale, Victoria, Australia and in the mean time am running workshops, teaching in various studios and volunteering my time to schools and community centres.
If I'm not on the Yoga mat I will most likely be down the beach, browsing an op shop, taking a road trip, patting an animal, eating something yummy or in a handstand.

Through Yoga my life has become so rich and so I hope that I can pass the many gifts of this practice to my students.

See you on the mat!



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