"Rusty" Georgia Maxwell

Granbury, TX
United States

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Rusty has spent her entire adult life learning about and applying body/mind medicine. Her interest in restorative modalities began in 1969, following a horrific car accident, when she was told she would be crippled for the rest of her life. After rehabilitating herself, she began began a formal education in psychology and combined her knowledge of the physical body. Rusty began training older adults when working for Baylor Center for Health Promotion (now the Tom Landry Center) and was certified in "50+ FITNESS " at the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research in Dallas. She continued her studies in health promotion and applied her skills to the 80+ population for many years in upscale senior living communities. Then, in honor of her mother, she changed track and took her knowledge to older adults still living at home.  For 18 years she managed the Senior Activity Center in Garland, TX., where she began offering a series of travel and yoga retreat opportunities. As well, her exercise classes evolved into yoga programs targeting her Baby Boomer generation. She now brings her knowledge to the Zen Den. Please help Rusty fulfill her motto, Rockin' and Rollin' NOT Rockin' and Droolin'!

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