Georgia - Yoga & Ayurveda Mamula

Victoria, BC

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Yoga And Ayurveda Studio
Yoga instructors are much more than meets the eye.

“It’s the connection with our yogis that counts; a comfort feeling, the energy, good vibrations and believe the wisdom offered can develop mind and body together, ultimately reaching goals to find peace and enjoyment. Not only do I feel it is an improvement to have a place (studio) that is beautiful but also a place where you feel warm, where you can zone out and love the space as your own – therefore confidently let go of all”

I try to teach with compassion, enthusiasm, clarity and excitement, Students need to explore the outer edge, and discover what is in side of them… shine through and connect to the body & Mind get into your body and out of your head and get into your Heart and Feel.
I try to use Ayurveda Energy in all my classes
Since teachers are not able to adjust every student in each pose, I will provide verbal cues throughout the class to adjust to their own body. An effective teacher will encourage her students to challenge themselves within the poses to practice safely. Yoga is for everyone!


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