Georgina Aguirre

Puerto Escondido Oaxaca OAX

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She found yoga 10 years ago, as it happens to many, in search of the way to find her true self, since then, yoga is her great passion. For Georgina, yoga goes beyond the physical plane, the philosophy, principles and values ​​learned in yoga made more sense that any other spiritual connection or religion.
At the beginning of this journey, she had the opportunity to experience many different types of yoga in different parts of the Western world until he found a traditional Hatha yoga based on anatomy, alignment, body awareness and vinyasa sequences to build a solid practice.
Teaching is based on a multilevel class, emphasis on body consciousness, brain's hemispheres balances and its relation to mobility and strength in the body, she uses as tools Restorative and therapeutic yoga with a deep connection in the breath to make a yoga class that mixes new sensations in the practice of a hatha yoga revolutionized, safe, powerful; Its main interest is to help the student to get to know their limitations and strengths to discover in each class a body and mind renewed and balanced to develop self-knowledge. She incorporates functional and movement exercises to complement the practice in what she calls integral yoga, where the student learns to be his own teacher to reach self-consciousness and auto healing.


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