Georgina Armour Glasius

Cádiz Cádiz

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My name is Georgie Armour Glasius and I’m a certified yoga teacher trained in Sydney, Australia and now living in Cádiz, Andalusia. I have been trained in and teach Hatha yoga in the viniyoga tradition. I firmly believe in adapting to meet to the needs of the student(s) and therefore I vary the content, pace and dynamism of my classes according to the ability and requirements of the individual(s). A typical class will involve a blend of yang and yin and a strong focus on the breath. I only teach what I know, and only share tools that have worked for me. In teaching asana I place a high importance on integrity, non-judgement, awareness and therefore safety. My passion is helping people find more ease, contentment and thus happiness in their lives. I love sharing the tools that yoga offers to help us live more effortlessly and joyfully. I have also trained in yoga therapy and enjoy working with students one-on-one to help them apply the tools of yoga to tackle specific areas of concern.


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