Ger Kinane

Co. Kildare
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Ger Kinane Physical Therapist BSc MIAPT is owner and course Director at Breathing Place Yoga. A qualified yoga instructor from the Irish School of Yoga, with a post-graduate diploma from and member of Yoga Therapy Ireland Ger has been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching for 10 years. Ger completed the YogaBugs, Radiant Child level 1 and level 2 training programs and teaches the YTTC Yoga for Kids teacher training program in Ireland.

Additionally, Ger has trained with Ana Forrest in the US completing the Forrest Yoga teacher training, Forrest advanced teacher training, Forrest Mentorship and Forrest Continuing Education for teachers programs. Ger brings this unique style of yoga to Ireland which teaches students to go deeper, find truth and connect to spirit. Ger has also assisted Ana Forrest on her European workshops and hosted Ana in her first ever Irish Forrest Yoga workshops in January 2011.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The best yoga teacher I ever had

I have attended many different yoga classes down through the years and Ger is by far the best yoga teacher I ever had.
Ger is completely dedicated to ensuring everyone gets the very best from her class. She is always very organised and guides the class through all of the poses seamlessly. If you are struggling with a particular pose she will spend extra time guiding you gently through it and she will push you when you need that extra challenge! Her guided meditations are a special treat – she is sincere and generous with her time and it is a privilege to be able to attend her class.

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Breathingplace Yoga

I have been attending Ger's classes for many years. I have tried many different types of yoga none compare to Forrest Yoga. Ger is an excellent instructor who guides and encourages you to get the most from your practise. I would highly recommend her to both new and experienced yogis.

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Forest Yoga

Ive been attending classes held by Ger Kinane for the last 8 years. No matter what my mood is entering the studio it is always so much more relaxed and refreshed leaving. When I started with Ger I had no experience of yoga and had the tight hips legs body etc to prove it. With Gers help I have progressed improved and am so much more flexible even though I am now 8 years older.


In the meantime Ive taken up running and Ger has helped me work through various injuries Ive picked up from that. I am in no doubt that I would not be still running only for the help Ive received from Ger with my flexiblilty. Gers classes are always something to look forward to in a busy week, hard work but enjoyable. The atmosphere in Gers classes is always very friendly and relaxed and new people are always made feel at home thanks to Ger. I think the fact that I have been attending Gers classes non stop for 8 years is a testament to her ability as a yoga teacher.

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My Teacher

Ger is an amazing and very patient yoga teacher who has helped me find the best way through her yoga experience to keep my body flexible and strong. even when i find myself looking for the easier options she will quietly come over an with a light touch or quiet word will help guide me through a posture, My mind and body feels stretched and eased of stress and tension as i leave my yoga class. Thanks to gers teaching i try to use what i have learned from her in my every day life .

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Fabulous Yoga Class

My yoga teacher Ger, is a fabulous teacher who ensures both your mind and body get the very best from her class, a true professional, I look forward to her class every week