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Gernot has been practicing and studying yoga since 1996. His yoga background includes Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu, Forrest, and Anusara Yoga.

Gernot's classes emphasize breath and alignment in a practice that cultivates joy and encourages playful exploration. His instruction focuses on increasing your awareness and serenity and encourages you to engage your edge mindfully and safely. Gernot combines the best practices from a number of yoga traditions for an integrative experience that balances precision with creativity, introspection with bliss.


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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Disxipline and structure

Gernot has a wealth of experience and is structured in teaching and sbaring his knowledge. An inspiration for all levels of practice.

Gernot HuberDecember 15, 2015
Hi Isabelle

Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to welcoming you back in Chiang Mai in the future.

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Inversions Workshop

This is my second time doing the workshop and I am so pleased I did it again. The fear factor that dominated my efforts last year was not an issue this time around. So I was able to take in much more detail and feel like my body was much more able to explore. I thought that you balanced (!) detailed information and challenging exercises with encouragement, humour and a lightheartedness throughout. And for that I am grateful. I really enjoyed it!

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I took Gernot's inversions workshop while traveling through Chiang Mai. It was a really fun way to spend a day and improve the technique of my inversions. I have been trying to get upside down for several months now, and every workshop brings me closer to my goal. Gernot's teaching style is very easy to understand, and I have learned a lot from him.

Highly recommend this workshop.

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Gernot is Awesome

Gernot was a wonderful mentor to me during my several weeks of private lessons with him as an aspiring Yoga teacher. He is very knowledgeable about the relationship between anatomy and asanas. He taught me how to pay more attention to the subtleties of proper alignment within each pose, which has changed my Yoga practice, my teaching, and the well-being of my body immensely. Thank you, Gernot!

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Wonderful Classes

I so enjoyed Gernot's class that I arranged my travels to be back in Chiang Mai one week later, so that I could grab a second class of his, and again the week after that. Critical to my interests and needs, Gernot emphasizes good alignment, taking the time to teach his students the anatomical foundations for working at one's edge, which is where physical transformation happens. In his class, I felt challenged and protected. He gently, methodically, and respectfully made adjustments as needed to each of his students. Gernot is clearly dedicated to furthering his expertise, to developing a uniquely Gernot Huber approach by drawing from many wells. Whenever I return to this area, I've got a good place to practice yoga.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Love it, even if it's not my preferred practice/style

I have been going to Gernot's classes sporadically for a little over a year, having spent my first few years practicing Ashtanga, often Mysore or Vinyasa Flow. At first I struggled with (by comparison to my usual practice) so much information and guidance. However after one or two sessions, I really started to enjoy the explanations and tone of his classes. There's just the right level of detail to understand what you are doing, without it being over convoluted or too technical.


Adding to that, Gernot's down-to-earth style still leaves room for a little philosophical reflection without feeling like you have to be aiming (but falling very short) for Enlightenment. There is often also a little light-hearted humour based on real life observations - which always seem very pertinent to me.
No Goddess voice (one should hope not) or chanting, but a balanced and well considered class. I probably now attend Gernot's classes the most frequently - whenever I can, throughout all my practice-hopping.