Gerry Lishin

Orlando, FL
United States

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Gerry first practiced Yoga in 1991 when living in Southern California at the time,studying in various styles of yoga before stumbling onto Ashtanga yoga. (Luckily, not stumbling too much), loving the structure and flow of it from the beginning.
Since 2000, he has over 500+ hours attending conferences and workshops around the country with a wide variety of teachers and Yoga styles represented. Gerry also has over 200+ Teacher Training specific hours with certifications from David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn and Rod Stryker. He has shared his Yoga knowledge since 2001, created 15+ YouTube videos on various Yoga subjects, mainly Dynamic Prop Usage Yoga which he is the founder of.
In 2003, he first compiled, copyrighted and published the Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students Notebooks. Since then he has continuously expanded them and released the Yoga Students version as an Ebook for your electronic devices.
Gerry currently leads a Dynamic Non-Fatiguing Flow style of Yoga class. He really considers himself more of a Yoga choreographer than a teacher, constantly creating new ways to move on the mat. He would like to be an ambassador for interesting , innovative and progressively choreographed yoga Asana and Dynamic Prop Usage applied to your Yoga.


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