Ghee McGirr

Prospect, CT
United States

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Introduced to yoga at age 12 Ghee was a practitioner and then teacher of yoga for many years. As family life began to move at warp speed her practice fell away but an empty nest, a spouse who's an avid exerciser, and a renewed effort to live healthfully for longevity brought Ghee back to her yoga roots. She saw a trend of age 45+ adults who want to exercise, some for the first time in their lives, to keep themselves happy and healthy but found few outlets that cater to their needs especially in the yoga field. She saw a need to return to combination of Hatha, gentle, Yin, and restorative with lots of modifications for those who may be less supple is perfect for seniors as well as those just wanted a relaxed and meditative practice. And for those looking for something more energizing she also leads a class in Metal Yoga (yoga practiced to Heavy Metal music.) Private lessons are also available in home or studio.


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