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I have studied and met Yogis from all around the world , from Europe to China, is all a big family, I lived in California and studied with multiple teachers, followed my heart to the source of human kind in India and here I am in Europe again.
Yoga is a living entity in many lives nowadays, and an open conversation to always grow and expand your conscious living.
My background as an actress, and I love dancing and sometimes I study from different Mind-body centering, approaches and Feldenkrais or Vedic tradition, how to transcend the body, and to move in fluidity and like a dance without limitation of space and time. A yoga class should be na experience a journey, not just a phisical activity.
Water is the element I connect to the most, and I like to infuse classes with that source of energy, Energy is like water, we live because of energy of water.
My practice is moved by music and breath alignment based on Anusara's principle, and other styles Sattva Yoga and Embodied Flow are my main ispirations. Despite the both comes from different evolutive experience of teachings and facilitating they have in common the Love for Tantrism.
My Heat expand in both styles so I like to teach them both or separetely.
One can be yin or dinamic flow, the other very energizing, like a warrior flow, and then also very meditative cleansing or stabilizing.
Hatha is my backdrop, and even though I don't focus on alignement, I believe in ones owns sense of space and alignement as I believe that when we step out of our mind, and listen to the body , its intelligence bring as to where it is safe and correct for us, and nonetheless pleasant.

It's all about flowing like water for me, connected to the deep root of your emotions, with your breath and your organs, glands,and to release toxine from the brain stalled memories, willing to connect the inner body to the world around us, and harmonize in grace with the space, the universe and other beings.



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