Gillian Cawte

Belton, Doncaster
United Kingdom

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Gill has practiced yoga since 1999, training to teach with The Life Centre in London in 2005-7. Gill is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga.
Her current teachers are Sarah and Ty Powers, Paul and Suzee Grilley.
Gill teaches classes in her own studio in Belton, Doncaster.
Gill’s teaching style incorporates Hatha Yoga with flows. She likes her students to feel their poses rather than the look of the pose. Although we can practice in a group setting, Gill emphasizes how each individual students most respect and tune in to their own unique body. She explains how poses are performed and likes her students to be comfortable challenged. Turning your mind inwards during a yoga class can help you identify any areas of the body that feel tight. Breathing into these areas helps to release the tension.
She encourages her students to take yoga off their mats and into their daily lives. Gill emphasizes the fact that all bodies are unique and students should respect their own limitations.
Gill is a qualified masseuse having trained in Swedish, injury prevention and sports massage.
In 2013 Gill trained alongside her acupuncturist and completed training in Holistic Therapies covering, energy healing, Shiatsu acupressure, aromathery reflexology, therapeutic massage, crystal healing and healing herbs.
Gill is fascinated by the complex, diversity of the human body and has studied human anatomy at Edinburgh University. She is currently studying a BSc (Honours) Health Science Degree at the Open University.

Currently she is learning about her authentic nature through self-practice and the teachings of the Buddha. She is committed to living with a whole-hearted curiosity to learning and awareness of the nature of suffering.


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