Gina Newlin

Ithaca, NY
United States

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Though her first yoga experience was in 1995, Gina didn't find true inspiration until 10 years later, when challenges with injury and big life changes led to her discovery of the vast healing power of yoga. Peace, balance, and recovery from a decades-old ballet injury came through focused practice and the loving guidance of a gifted Kripalu teacher, and so began the journey into teaching as a means to share the gifts of yoga. In 2008 her Acro Yoga adventure began as it does for one person's spark passes to another, a flame ignights, and the torch is carried on. Drawn to the practice and its unique level of connection, communication, trust, and playfulness, she knew she had arrived home. Becoming part of the worldwide AcroYoga Kula & carrier of the torch has been one of the greatest joys of her life, as is sharing the practice with the growing community of acroyogis in Ithaca, and her two sons. Gina has had the opportunity to study with many great teachers, including Sri Mukunda Stiles, Seane Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, and of course, Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein. Her teaching style reflects a combination of these influences and others, with emphasis on careful alignment, self-awareness, and finding joy in the organic flow of vinyasa. She currently lives, works, and teaches yoga in Ithaca, NY.


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