Gina Puccinelli

Pacific Grove, CA
United States
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Promoting nourishment of the mind body and spirit is my life’s work and purpose. My gift is honoring the divine being within each individual by encouraging them to recognize their own inner light and unique authenticity through daily self-care techniques and practices.

As a certified yoga instructor since 1990, I offer group and private yoga sessions geared towards personal enrichment. I incorporate an eclectic yoga style instruction which include mindfulness training, yoga philosophy, and yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

My training at the Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel Valley since 1997 qualifies me to offer a variety of massage modalities including therapeutic, sports, deep tissue, and energy work. Sessions are tailored to individual needs. (Also offers chair massage and yoga massage.)

I have a certified therapy dog named Buddy Om who provides unconditional love and accompanies me to senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. We give a minimum of 30 service hours a month contributing to our community including a program through the Pacific Grove Library where children read to Buddy Om.

Available; Stay tuned!

• Monterey Sports Center - Monday/Wednesday 7:00
• Carmel Valley Athletic Club - Tuesday 7:00
• Substitute at the Seaside Yoga Sanctuary and Wave Street Wellness
. Yoga Center of Carmel


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Gina walks the talk

It's only been recently that I started attending yoga classes and I couldn't have been luckier to come across Gina. Her classes are as genuine as she is. You can tell she breathes deep down every given word she shares. She makes me feel encouraged to try new asanas and new thoughts both during her classes and outside the practice room. She strives for peace and peace I find when I go to her classes. She helps me make sense of the moves I make and the things I think. I am not an early bird and I definetely don't know what it is but I keep setting up my alarm clock at 6 am to make it to her classes!! Gina's classes are such a wonderful way of starting off my day! Thanks for being so genuine and accepting Gina! You make a difference.

Gina PuccinelliAugust 16, 2016
I'm Grateful to share my Yoga Awareness

Paula, this was such a heartfelt description of how my classes affect you in your life. I am truly honored , and I appreciate you making my class a priority in your day especially if you're not an early bird!
I have a passion for yoga ; as you can see, it more than the poses .... Keep coming back!


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Teaching from the heart

Gina's class is one I always make time for. She is generous and fun to practice with. Lots of smiles, inside and out, and some surprises.

Gina PuccinelliFebruary 15, 2016

Thank you Marianne for your consistent presence and support of my offerings. I so enjoy the freedom to offer a diverse and fun class with the element of surprise!

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A True Gift to Life!

Gina brings the whole practice to her classes; Mind, Body and Spirit!
Having experienced many teachers and forms, Gina is the best at teaching, nurturing and encompassing the whole practice in an hour long class that I have encountered.
For two years now, I have looked forward to the GIFT of her class and always leave feeling more grounded, rooted, relaxed, empowered and heart centered.
Thanks Gina for the gift you are too me!

Gina PuccinelliApril 7, 2015

The pleasure is divinely mine Jack. I so love being an instrument of source to facilitate yoga for all my beloved students. You are a gift as well.

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Gina is the real thing. She has turned a class at an athletic center into a spiritual community while providing flexibility, physical fitness, and good humor.

Gina PuccinelliApril 7, 2015

Sangha is a blessing and the glue of the shared experience. I am honored to have such a loving yoga class that responds to my teaching and style. Thank you for being there and holding sacred space.

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Fabulous instructor

I have attended Gina's classes for years-- because of Gina. She is the BEST, lots of caring, sharing and great yoga! Always a different experience. She is a terrific DJ too. Added bonus!

Gina PuccinelliApril 7, 2015

Jane, you have followed me since I started at Monterey Sports Center 20 some years ago.... Faithful and consistent friend and supporter of my development. I appreciate you "hanging" in there with all my downward dogs!! Woof woof