Ginny Mazzei

Bloomsburg, PA
United States

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I share yoga and meditation instruction, Ayurveda-based life style suggestions, and offer massage therapy and bodywork services. My focus in working with individual clients is to enhance their awareness of the body/mind/spirit connection, and to assist them in finding health and wholeness in every layer of their being. In one-on-one work, I often interweave the disciplines of yoga, ayurveda and massage therapy. In my group classes my goal is to provide an insight-based, curiosity-driven experience of how to "BE" in the yoga shapes and postures, in the breath, in the moment. I'm fascinated by a breath-centered approach to movement, and I enjoy finding different ways of sharing this with my clients and fellow students. Although this approach encourages experimentation, the spirit of my classes remains firmly anchored in traditional yoga philosophy and technology.


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