Giselle Howard

Reno, NV
United States

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Seven years ago Giselle Howard tried yoga for the first time. Her class was in Thai and she was the only one who was clueless doing the routine, but she fell in love. She thought the class would be easy, but it challenged her and showed her how much improvement was possible. She left feeling great, looking forward to her next practice.
Yoga is more than just poses for a workout. It is uniting breath, body, and mind. It is the practice of transforming and enhancing every aspect of life through the Eight Limbs of Yoga, which offer guidelines to live a happy and meaningful life while on the path to moksha, liberation, the ultimate goal of yoga.
Yoga helped Giselle to grow stronger, more flexible, to have courage and confidence on and off the mat. Yoga cured her chronic back pain, gave her new daily energy, and resolved her sleeping problems. Giselle’s main tool for her current recovery? That’s right, yoga ?
After a few years of daily yoga, Giselle went to India to deepen her practice. She completed her 200hr and her 300hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certifications at Shiva Yoga Peeth, in Rishikesh, India. Since then Giselle has been teaching yoga to fellow travelers at hostels around Asia. In 2015 she briefly taught yoga in New Delhi at Inhale Peace.
Employing her knowledge and experience with various types of yoga and spiritual disciplines, Giselle’s classes reflect ancient Eastern wisdom with contemporary Western ideas and practices. Her vast and intimate familiarity allows her the flexibility to put together creative sequences with a focus or theme, and later tailor the plan to best suit the needs of that particular individual or class.
Giselle incorporates asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), meditation, and philosophy in a useful and understandable way. Her non-judgmental, compassionate teaching style provides students with a safe space and opportunity to open themselves physically, mentally, and maybe spiritually in his or her practice.
Giselle aspires to make the world a better place by sharing yoga one class, one student at a time.
Giselle loves yoga, knows lots about it, and wants to share it, because everyone deserves it.