Giselle Tribaco-Halleux

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Embracing the full spectrum of the experience, whatever it presents at the moment. Allowing our inner light to surface.

Yoga for me is a journey moving towards union and harmony in all various aspects of life. It’s a practice, which requires breath, patience, and feeling. It requires curiosity, playfulness, and space so the breath has room to roam in the body, creating poses from the inside out. It is Freedom and Release. It is about creating space free from obstacles in our own Mind and body to live.

My teaching style is introspective. The classes I create embraces the interconnectedness of body, mind, and breath. Offering a welcoming space to soften, become present, and explore. The use of props is encouraged, and support and modifications are offered to those experiencing limited mobility. My foremost goal is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.
I am here to help/Assist others find this release and freedom from within, Harmonising our inner world and Outer world. Creating and cultivating a safe sacred space for us to practice, share and grow.

I got into Esoteric Healing Practices 2004, Through Tetada kalimasada An Inner Energy Healing and Internal Martial arts. It changed my worldview because I slowly experienced some changes in me, I began to heal in a recognisable slow subtle ways. It opened me up to a new broader perspective, That we can help ourselves to heal Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. Then in 2009 , I started my Yoga Asana, Tantra, Meditation Practices and in 2011 I started my Yoga Education Trainings up to the present for Yearly continuing studies. Yoga is a lifetime exploration of the self and Studies.

Then In 2014 I decided to officially start sharing the practice through teaching in Studios. My Intention of guiding/teaching is to deeply anchor and root myself to Yoga And Health Wellness. Because for me through teaching I also learned a lot and understand about myself and others.
I am deeply thankful and Humbled that I embark my Yoga Journey. It i s not all the time sweet and soft sailing, There are ups and downs but its completely worth it. You have to experience it to believe it.

Years of Practice- 2004- Present
Years of Teaching- 2014-Present

Trained and Studied:

Yoga Therapy- Pancha kosha and Multistyle Yoga In Association for Yoga And Meditation School, Rishikesh India (500 RYT Hours) Yoga Alliance Registered ()
Ashtanga Yoga - Continuing Studies Since 2012 under Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Yoga Alliance Registered ()
Sahaja Prana Vinyasa and Global Yoga Mandala Rhythms & Trance Dance - Shiva Rea, Amsterdam Netherlands (62 Hours + Continuing Studies at the moment for Complete Hours Prana Vinyasa Certification ) Yoga Alliance Registered ()
Tetada Kalimasada - Inner Energy Cultivation and Therapy Under Bapak Eddie Surohadi and Ibu Ida Surohadi ( Started 2004- Present)
Cosmic Intelligence Plus Healing Rituals and Tantra- with Maa Gyaan Suveera at Ki Research Institute - Gular Himalaya, INDIA
Ayurvedic Massage Treatments and Basic Principles On Ayurveda - (25 Hours -{in Yoga And Meditation School, Rishikesh India} + Continuing Studies at the moment for Complete Certification and Immersion on Ayurvedic Studies {Europe and Kerala, India}
Internship Training At Yogdham Rohtak Started 2012 ​​
Natural Flow Artist By Heart ( Essoteric Dance, Poi, Hoop and Staff) Self Study, Body and Spatial Awareness

​Continously Joining Workshops and Intensive Trainings Yearly.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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