Gita Zember

Sterling, VA
United States

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Gita (Krista) brings to her yoga practice the mind-body awareness she
learned starting at the age of 2 as a competitive gymnast and, later,
studying dance. Her serious study of yoga began following the onset
of unknown Lyme Disease as a way of dealing with pain while finding
peace and reconnecting with her core self and with others. Gita is a
Registered Yoga Teacher, having completed the Yoga Alliance 200-hour
certification under the guidance of a Kripalu-trained mentor and another 200-hour certification through the Integral tradition with Sonia Sumar and Renata Sumar Gaertner. She is now studying extensively with Swami Gurusharanananda from Omkareshwar India.
She is furthering her studies in Sanskrit, Kirtan, Mantra, Yoga, Meditation, Swakriya Yoga and Life.

Her classes reflect this Kripalu , Integral and Swakriya Yoga traditions
of her current teachers, along with a focus on alignment, breath, energy,
meditation, and taking yoga into your daily life based on principles of
Hatha yoga. In her personal practice, Gita is also an avid practitioner
of kirtan and studying Sanskrit.

Gita has taught yoga in Japan, DC, Virginia and Ohio. She has studied
with many teachers but most extensively with Swami Gurusharanananda
Pierre Couvillion and Sonia Sumar along with a lot of self inquiry and
exploration She is a certified practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child(R),
Prenatal teacher, Kids yoga teacher one of the first teachers of Swakriya
Yoga. Gita’s classes and private instruction offer the benefits of yoga to all ability levels, from experienced yogis and yoginis to beginners. Her
background in social work, along with her personal experience using yoga
to overcome physical pain, gives her keen insight into the special needs
of those with disabilities. Gita is an inspiring teacher who’s serious about
yoga and light on life.


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