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Gitta Wick

More than 12 years I ask myself many questions about life and human beings. On my way I’ve visited all sort of different trainings and seminars with the background of learning more about holistic healing, for myself and then to share it with people who are interested. It is a colourful mixture in combination with my personal lifeexperience.

I describe myself as a traveller and mediator between the worlds. In my sessions I open a space where self-awareness and self-healing is possible.

Since many years yoga is a natural every day part of my life. My yogamat is always with me, also on my travels. My favorite spot for yoga is directly on the beach.

Between my traveladventures I was living and working in a Yoga Vidya ashram in Bad Meinberg for 2 years (organisation for the seminars and workshops, teaching). I have been the head of the Yoga Vidya Center Hamburg for 1 year.

My style of teaching is a mixture of play and concentration.

On my journeys I met most diverse shamans, healers and teachers from all over the world and belonging to different traditions. I was able to learn with and from them.

I’m pleased to be able to share my individual coloured experiences and knowledge with the world.

NLP-Trainer (NLP Institute Steglitz, Johann Kluczny)

Personal/Business Coach (NLP Institute Steglitz)

Yoga/Meditation Teacher (BYV)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Shamanic and Energetic Techniques


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