Gopali Dasi Doyle

Gold coast NSW

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I was raised in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga so I grew up with an Ayurvedic lifestyle and studied Vedic wisdom form a very young age. I had started the practice of Yoga Asana in my teenage years yet it wasn't until later in my early twenties that I really fell in love with this practise. In all honesty in the beginning my yoga practice was inspired by my desire to be fit, physically healthy and toned, however over these amazing years Yoga has had a profound impact on my life and it has become my passion to share this deeper experience that Yoga allows us to have with others. I come from a background in mental health and Social work and over time I have begun to realise the potency of Yoga in healing mentally, emotionally and energetically as well as physically. Thus my classes have become centred on the experience of letting go and awakening the potential to heal and release the things that weigh us down. I am deeply passionate about the importance of cultivating freedom in ones Yoga practice and have created a style of Yoga ;Tribal Flow ( a dynamic yoga/ dance fusion accompanied by live music that is all about finding fluidity and freedom in our bodies and letting go of rigidity and limiting belief systems but most importantly it is about having fun in a safe and healthy environment). I teach Tribal flow for festivals, retreats, and events. I love, love , love yoga and the opportunity it gives me to be creative, to connect with my body and above all else share this with my students. Namaste


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