Gordon Spence

Westminster Croydon & Selsdon
SURREY& Central London
United Kingdom

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I began Yoga at the age of thirteen and it continues to transform my life. I am pleased and privileged to be able to give something back by teaching Yoga to others. Yoga led me to physical and spiritual competence. As a result I have been able to enjoy, organise and instruct outdoor activities in a 12-year project in the Probation Service. I have also held “Inward Bound” courses - Yoga and mountaineering, living in the mountains. My spiritual practice and path are sustained by Yoga and by being a Quaker. “After leaving school I spent 7 years studying and working in engineering before being guided to work with people rather than machines. I then worked in the Probation Service for 15 years. In 1973, to my utter amazement, my first Yoga teacher Robert Leyshon-Hughes said that I too should teach Yoga. A few years later I joined the Centre Community, which practised spirituality in communal living. Here I was both teacher and student and in 1978 my study under Malcom Strutt led to a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. While teaching at the London Sufi Centre in 1983, I met my future wife Cathy and we married two years later. We have a nineteen-year-old son Alasdair.
In 1989 I undertook training in psychotherapy on a 3-year accredited diploma course taught by Nigel Hamilton.
In 1994 to respond to an increasing number of requests, I undertook a specialist training with Jane Reed for antenatal Yoga teaching.
I currently teach up to 8 hours of Yoga classes per week. I also offer counseling and mixed sessions of counseling and Yoga tuition to individuals. I am convinced that Yoga practice should touch the whole human being and link the individual with the universal. In practical terms this means I include as many aspects of Yoga as possible and encourage people to go beyond their original reasons for practising Yoga. I work with individuals as well as the group.


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