Gordon Wax

United Kingdom

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Like many people, I found yoga through loss of health and lack of direction. Once I found my feet, (which is a never ending process) I decided to try a yoga class, the only male student with ego in hand. Although I became hooked immediately, I learnt quickly how not to do yoga…in front of a mirror… practicing competitively… while desperately searching for an answer for which there was never a question…

I moved from London to Surrey and away from a successful interior design business, and in the direction of truthfulness. The lifestyle I had created had become too demanding and it was finally time to let go of the old me and step into a new pair of shoes. I learnt that the simplest of life changes are often the scariest! However, living authentically is a safer road to travel.

Although I still design homes from the outside in, I now help students in a safe and nurturing way to create their own physical interior from the ground up. This allows them to find their true roots and a sense of self.

10 years down the yogic path, I have learnt how to be content with life’s inevitable roller coaster and navigate its twists and turns. I have now found a home in the yogic union, while integrating into modern society.


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