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Laurence Gouault / Siri Shiva K is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Certified FFKY & KRI level 1, Certified Kundalini Perinatal Yoga &Yoga Doula, Child Play Yoga), Corporate classes and seminars, climbing&athlete coach, lecturer and Photographer.

She is now based in the French Pyrénées after living for 20 years in Chamonix where she has honed her skills at rock, ice, alpine climbing, skiing and snowboarding. Because of her great skills in the rest of climbing activities she is considered as one of the best female all-rounder with countless climbs worldwide, including many first ascent. While in the French Pyrénées She discovered caving an other facet of climbing, and some great exploring to do.
She has been on 12 expeditions in the Himalaya, first ascent and first snowboard descents from 7400m. She is the only woman which has snowboarded so much and so high in the Himalaya, and she carries her snowboard. She has done stunt work for Hollywood for the film "Killing me softly".
She has been a product and marketing consultant for a few company in the outdoor industry.

She now teaches Kundalini Yoga, and she is keen to help others with Yoga as much Yoga has helped her. With her experience as a top athlete she has developed a specific program for climbers and sports people to help them progress and coaches regularly athletes from all over the world, (including yoga, breathing and meditation). She does conferences for companies, and she is actually teaching at Air France Toulouse Yoga and meditation.
In 2014 she took a course of Kundalini Yoga for Conscious pregnancy and Yoga Doula. She also teaches Yoga to children after taking the course Child Play in April 2013. She is currently going through her Kundalini Yoga level 2 with her teacher Shiv Charan Singh.


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