Graeme Cheung

Royal Leamington spa &. Warwick area
United Kingdom

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Graeme is passionate about working with people & teaching, creating a safe environment to combining playful bodyworks, yet challenging & dynamic classes. This may require the yoga student to explore their comfort zones, order to connect deeper within. 

He studied personally with Manju Jois and directly with Sharath Ramaswamy on several trips, and was mentored by John Scott for 2 years. More recently he has studies Andiappan Yoga with Master Yogananth in Hong Kong , then under Guruji Dr Asana Andriappan in India.

Graeme enjoys a comprehensive recreational practise and has an intuitive style of teaching. However his deeper understanding into the use of Yoga as a therapeutic tool to address modern day body imbalances, injuries, stress and anxiety issues are assertive.


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