Graziela Jordao

Briarcliff Manor, NY
United States

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When I first discovered the healing power of Yoga, I was mired in a busy and stressful routine. The many hours I spent developing myself professionally left me feeling empty, exhausted, and searching for ways to replenish. I desperately needed to regain my sense of serenity and natural energy.
Not long after my first class, I knew in my heart that I'd found what I sought in Yoga. The more I practiced it, the more I fell in love with the surrender it required and the release it promised. I was hooked. I earned my first certification from Sonic Yoga in New York City, and I have since been teaching to private clients and groups in Westchester County.
I believe that becoming a Yoga instructor is the best thing that I've ever done; it's the truest expression of my heart, mind and body. Yoga has been the gift through which I discovered my passion for helping others find healing, joy, and healthier living. My teaching philosophy is centered on individual focus and gentle guidance. Nothing brings me more pleasure and fulfillment than seeing my students evolve and grow through their Yoga journey, just as I have, and continue to do, through my own.


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