Gretchen Robinson

Overland Park, KS
United States
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After 20 years of being a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I came to yoga in 1998 because I thought it was important to stretch - I just didn't know what was going to be stretched! I have scoliosis and wore a back brace as a teenager. I was fortunate to be sent to a very progressive physical therapist who had me doing many of the things we do in yoga to become stronger in the core and more flexible to correct my curvature. Yoga relieved the pain in my hips and shoulders caused by the scoliosis, and it has brought so much more balance into my body and mind. I feel like I have come full circle with my understanding of what it means to be truly fit and healthy.

In 2001 , my incredible teacher, Genevieve Crosslin, encouraged and prompted me to teach yoga. I owe a debt of gratitude to her for leading me to this path of teaching and practicing - a beautiful combination for me. Besides studying with Genevieve, I consider Mark Blanchard and David Lipschutz as major influences in my yoga. I have attended many workshops with Doug Swenson, Max Strom, Bhavani Maki, Kim Schwartz, David Williams, Govin Das, Bryan Kest, Jeffrey Cohen, Mark Whitwell, Anna Forrest, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Desiree Rumbaugh,and Keith Crosslin.

My teaching is an honest and true expression of what I feel and learn in my own personal practice, combined with what I have learned (and will continue to learn) from others. The greatest teacher we all have resides inside ourselves. Yoga can teach each person how to tune in and listen to their own voice, as well as how to learn from it.

I am a lover of sacred geometry, alignment, energy modalities, and spiritual practices, and it is my passion to share these.

I believe yoga is for everybody and every body, and encourage each person to work at his or her own level and be happy in the practice, wherever that may be, on any given day. I teach with a gentle spirit and a lot of love, sharing my passion for yoga.

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