Haley Racine Morrone

Schertz, TX
United States

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Haley lives in San Antonio, TX with her two sons, husband/best choice and three kitties. She is a Yoga teacher and Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer who has had success personally in fighting obesity and regaining control of her health. She started her health journey 8 years ago by educating herself of lifestyle choices, nutrition and physical fitness. In 2012 she began a home Yoga practice. Seeing the benefits of movement, breath and awareness encouraged her to dive deeper into health and wellness prompting her to return to college 12 years after graduating from high school. She began a bachelors program in Complementary and Alternative medicine. In 2014 Haley gave into the pressure from her husband and friends to try CrossFit. She was immediately hooked and over the course of the next two years she has lost 65 pounds, and counting. She knew this was her life passion and started her Yoga teacher training while living in Germany. After moving back to the states in 2015 she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certificate in hopes to help others who are struggling with finding their true selves through lifestyle change.


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