Hanlie Gordon

Cape Town 11
South Africa
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Friends and family describe me as calm, grounded and nurturing, yet also driven, motivated and a risk-taker. All these qualities encapsulate my life motto: "Live your life according to your own truth". This motto remains my daily affirmation and is made possible through my yoga practice.

Yoga has been my 'go-to-place' for more than 25 years.

During my twenties whilst living in South Africa, I pursued yoga mainly out of curiosity. As a naïve, young woman, the concept of "yoga" was foreign to me at the time. Upon further investigation, I concluded that it was some weird ohm-chanting/exercise practice which managed to swiftly improve my flexibility and suppleness.

During my thirties, whilst living in the UK, I pursued yoga as a complementary exercise regime prior to the birth of my two sons. "Working with the breath" was a foreign concept to me until that point: breathing to me was just a normal function which took care of itself. I was fascinated to discover how effortlessly I was able to transform my state of being, purely by becoming aware of my breath. Not to mention the massive benefit of practicing HOT yoga as a way of combating the gloomy UK climate!

It wasn't until my forties when I was living in Singapore that I encountered yoga to its full extend. I have some incredibly gifted teachers to thank for their guidance and I'm grateful beyond words for the manner in which my yoga practice has evolved as a result.

A consistent practice, whilst remaining curious and open to the experience, nourishes and sustains my well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. To me, a healthy body, strong mind and free spirit forms the basis of living an authentic life which is well-balanced, yet astonishingly remarkable.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

12 Reviews

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