Hannah Cooper

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Hannah took up yoga in 2008 when a friend encouraged her to do so. Looking for physical exercise and a chance to relax, she ended up finding more. Over the years, her practice has become one of where she finds balance and is challenged through it to grow and love. She has experimented with a variety of styles including vinyasa, yin and now Ashtanga. With a focus on the transformative, therapeutic effects that can result from yoga, she decided to embark on sharing it with others. In July 2015, she traveled to Rishikesh, India where she underwent a 200 hour intensive training in Ashtanga yoga. Paired with her experience as a student, this provided her the basics in helping others form a practice of their own. She is with the belief teachers are also students, continually learning and there to provide a safe/supportive space for others to learn as well.

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