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Hello there, my name is Hannah Gart, AKA Hannah Banana, and this is the tale of Karma Tales. In 2012 I wanted to share the memorable expiriences and beautiful knowledge I was gaining or had learned in my schooling and extensive training in Ayurvedic Medicine, massage and yoga and everything else I had experienced along this journey. So I started a personal blog and named it Karma Tales.

In the midst of my blogging and extended 10-month training at Kripalu I went on an inspiring trip to India where I had a dream. This amazing vision was to start a wellness/ retreat center on a self-sustainable property with the ability to grow, produce, and medicinal herbs. For the purpose of creating the space where people from all over the world to come heal through a nourishing organic diet and lifestyle inclusive of Yoga, Massage, Dance, Art, Holistic Medicine, and the Outdoors. To expand awareness of this increasingly conscious society through educational retreats and weekly classes just like I had intended for my blog.

I, being the yogi and healer that I am, started to meditate on the how, where, and when this surreal desire could and would manifest. After a few months, these meditations lead me from coast to coast where I happened upon this beautiful place of Sonoma County, CA. And the magic began to unfold.

With only a few contacts I had made through friends and friends of friends, I immediately began to meet all the right people. While teaching yoga scattered around Sonoma County, I assisted in the opening of a spectacular little arts and health center in Occidental called Prasada where I began to offer my services under the name of Karma Tales. After only a few months, I happened upon the remarkable property of Chanslor Ranch. The ranch, being a nearly 400-acre property, was all I could have hoped to manifest for this vision of Karma Tales. This is where I really began to wittle away at my business creation; building a labyrinth, decorating the barn, making plans, and meetings upon meetings.

With gates wide open to possibilities, more and more surreal grounds and venues began to present themselves aside from the ranch, and become connected to my Karma Tales. The evolution of the business grew into the utilization of multiple spaces, farms, beaches, arts centers, community centers, coffee shops, vacation rentals, hotels and more. Karma Tales began to leave little stories all over Sonoma County. With my presents in the blog at a stand still the intention was still fully there, so that no matter where you are the information or the “Tales of Karma” can still be shared.

Presently, Karma Tales offers Yoga Classes, Paddle Board Yoga, Massage Therapies, Group Acupuncture, Hiking with guided Meditations and the Labyrinth walk options, Ayurveda “home-cooked” Meals and Cooking classes, and Archery Lessons; and on-line with informative videos, vloging (video blogging) and the occasional written blog post all by either by myself or any other healers, teachers, or participants that want to share. The physical aspects mostly cater to vacationers and the occasional groups of locals.

My “big dream” has morphed into something even better then I could have imagined. Karma Tales is not just a place or even just one place, it is customizable to give you the opportunity to have an amazing energetic or relaxed experience and write a Tale of your Karma, because everything happens for a reason.


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