Hannie Lyngved

Greater London
United Kingdom

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I am a Norwegian living in West Norwood, London and teach Power Vinyasa Yoga to anyone and every body across London who is willing to place their feet on a mat in search of a stronger, more flexible and sculpted body, a calmer and more focused mind and a happier and open heart.

It is over 20 years ago since I left Norway to embark on a long adventure that would take me to many corners of the world before settling in London.

Yoga first time appeared in my life in the nineties, whilst taking a break from an international modelling career. Recharging and catching up on being a friend and family member, I discovered Yoga at a dance center in Oslo, Norway. And it just made sense.

Returning to modelling, yoga became more and more a part of my life as it kept my body fit (it was essential) and healthy and helped to calm the mind in a demanding world. As well as visiting studios I kept a self practice throughout as it was often the only way.

Years after the modelling world yoga stayed a loyal companion.

When I found Power Yoga classes in my 'hood', I loved it immediately. The varied sequences, the many postures, the more dynamic and playful practice, how it made me feel and real good breathing. About a year after my discovery, I made the decision to do Teacher Training. I found something that I love and that brought with it a chance for a more "free way of life".

I am in my absolute element when free to be creative and strongly believe that an abundance of happiness and good fortune in life can only happen when we feel inspired and passionate about what we do. In the absence of that, there will be reoccurring feelings of frustration and negative thoughts that doesn't serve us at all. Scrap that stuff, right?!!! Then we are humans and it's just not that easy. I like to dress that little devil on my shoulder in a silly skirt and take my mind off it all and practice yoga. Clearing mind space for good things to happen.

My mission is to spark the same passion and inspiration in my students and encourage the inner strength, patience and courage to live to their full potential whatever it is the heart desires.

I would love to show you your way on your mat.



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