Hansa Knox

Denver, CO
United States

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Hansa is the owner and director of PranaYoga and Ayurveda Mandala Training Center and Studio in North Denver.

Hansa started teaching yoga in Denver in late 1989. As her classes continued to grow, she was asked to begin teacher training courses. Hansa continued her own personal study. Recognizing that the multiple dimensions of vedic arts that expanded her horizons were not taught in Denver, she overflowed her own studies and developed training opportunities for Ayurveda, then Sanskrit, and now Jyotisha. In 2001, we became a Private Occupational School governed and regulated by the Department of Private Occupational School Board.

PranaYoga offers a safe, sacred and spiritual space for people to transform their life through the exploration of the Vedic Sciences: Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and Jyotisha.

We accomplish by offering:

1. yogasana classes

2. training certifications in each of the Vedic Sciences

3. a lending library for our students

4. The Yoga Shop that sells books and other related products

Yoga works – and even more so when integrated into the totality of its breadth and depth. Join us in this vast study!


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