Hari Shabd Kaur

Leamington Spa
United Kingdom

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I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for many years now and it is not just a practice but an intricate part of me.

I have been qualified to teach for several years and continue to strive to better my practice through going to workshops and training courses.

I have recently spend a year in India learning more about Yogi Bhajan
and how his teachings have empowered thousands of people around the globe. It was a real spiritual journey that I hope comes out when I teach.

As a teacher it is my responsibility to lead and guide each student to their better self.

Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient form of yoga which brings the individual an experience to their highest potential.

Many of us are caught up in our daily life with stress, anxiety, dis- ease, fear that we forget to expand our self and see the reality of our situations.

Kundalini yoga gives you many tools so that you are able to face your reality and live in the truth of yourself.

Recently I have been drawn to the women's teachings and have began to explore these in more depth.

I am also a healer and learning the technique of Sat nam rasayan which I offer to all students. This form of healing is subtle and the essence is in understanding 'the other is you'

If these words cause an emotion in you then come along and have an experience. It may be you are ready to finally face your truth.

Many blessings to your journey :)


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