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Harold Coggins is both a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and a Tai Chi and Kung Fu Sifu. The Coggins Yoga System was developed from his own experience and from his practice and study of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Static poses are held for set time periods which may vary depending on the asanas being adopted. The rhythmic motion between specific static and dynamic asanas allow for synchronisation of the breath in a non-religious meditative practice which unites mind, body and spirit. Regular practice of Coggins’ unique yoga style is effective in increasing a sense of well-being and vitality and can be used therapeutically in the healing of physical trauma as alignment is restored. As fitness training, it allows development of strength, mobility, stability, stamina, and muscle definition, whilst reducing stress and increasing mental awareness. Restoring physical health and pursuing a path of spiritual development became Harold Coggins’ way of life having enabled him successfully to heal his own body of various defects which resulted from severe physical trauma in his childhood.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
No Nonsense Yoga

'No Nonsense Yoga' is for me the most appropriate description for Harold Coggins' methods. He has mastered his yoga art to perfection. More important for his clients is attention to detail and personalised programmes specifically designed to individual needs. How do I know this? I'm one of Harold's clients who currently benefit from his programme specifically tailored to my needs. In addition not only have I read reviews of others, I have seen is varied skills in action.


My background is 15 years of inactivity following a stroke. I was a very independent professional struck down in my early fifties by a stroke resulting in right sided paralysis of the body. With sheer gut determination I recovered the use of my right arm and body movements. Unfortunately from knee to toe was left in 85% paralytic state. NHS Physio limit input and support to telling/showing you what to do within a restricted time period, and a maintenance goal rather than total recovery. The impact on any independent individual is so devastating, inevitable depression sets in, in context of resignation and 'whats the point'. In my case, having got my hand back from total paralysis, I have secretly believed with the right skilled help, I would recover my foot too. I've been resigned to a mobility scooter for years without any real effort on my own part to rehabilitate my foot. I have been using the FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) for drop foot, provided by Physio which as prevented my foot from receding into total paralysis. Following many falls and fractures my daughter contracted Harold to assess and design a personal programme to help me recover my foot. Her motivation followed her own recovery from back injury via Harold's yoga programme. Many varied specialists had previously failed to help her. My own experience with NHS Physio was so negative, I must admit to being skeptical regarding the impending programme. Today improvements dictate that I was wrong, Harold makes it very clear that progress is limited to how much you personally want to achieve.Without ownership for the programmed, personal dedication, hard work and consistency you cannot achieve your goal no matter how good the programme is. He tolerates no excuses. During a stressful phase of flooding and no central heating, my explanation of not being able to do the exercises was seen as nothing but an excuse. His view was that life is full of such possibilities; that can be articulated as excuses for not doing something. However if that something is important enough, you will find a way of doing it. That was an excellent motivator for me. I now follow the programme regardless of day to day stresses or other commitments. Early morning is regular for me but on occasions when this isn't possible, I must fit the exercises in some how even if its last thing before bed. As I live over 100 miles from Harold's group therapy sessions, this new self discipline and regular reporting is, like Harold, a God send.

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A meditation of the body and the mind

Harold's classes are complete meditation of the body and the mind.
Since the first class I realized how my perception, my focus and my balance were improving, my body strengthening, healing and connecting with the mind. I carry the learning and the memory through every day.

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Unique, magical, inspirational experience every time!

Harold's yoga classes have significantly improved my life quality, in health, focus, direction and much, much more both in and out of the class! When I started Harold's yoga classes as a beginner 3 years ago it was the safe, calm yet focused energy that attracted me back again and again and his teaching style of demonstrating everything while holding and explaining the poses, particularly the benefits of each, encouraged my deeper practice and discipline greatly.


Harold is extremely knowledgeable and cares about each pupil growing in some way in every practice. His classes are well thought out, always interesting and his music is inspiring. Harold's yoga really does touch the mind, body and spirit in a truly magical way. I learned to use Harold's yoga as a meditation in class, my sanctuary, as in addition to the warm energy he brings, nothing is rushed and everything is possible. Since I moved out of London, Harold's unique energy has been sorely missed!

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How it all started

I met Harold in August 2015 at MiniBody Therapy Centre in Forest Hill where I attended his yoga-pilates classes. As a beginner I was worried about not being able to follow the routine and lagging behind the rest of the class. However, my anxiety dispelled completely with the first session. Harold made me feel comfortable and at ease with what I cannot do. The weekly sessions were dedicated to strengthening core muscles in particular. Harold was attending to everyone in the group.


He made us work hard and stretch our limits. I felt this deep awakening of all my muscles and my body as a whole. The next two days after the first session I suffered muscle sores in my stomach like never before. After the second session it was even worse. I had to do something to avoid those sores and so I joined a gym. The muscles sores were gone.This way Harold inspired a change to my entire life style.
It was during these sessions that I first realised the wide range of Harold's therapeutic qualities. One day a lady with a back pain came to the class. Harold alleviated the pain by manipulating her legs. While he was doing this she was grunting with pain. It was one of Harold's techniques - treating pain with another pain - in action. At the end of the session the lady smiled with relief. From then on she attended the classes regularly and said that Harold made a huge difference in improving her back.

Since this initial experience with Harold in Forest Hill I have been attending his classes in Lewisham and Beckenham as well as his monthly yoga workshops. Each of his sessions brings something new and unexpected. Harold continues to be a generous person and passionate teacher sensitive to individual needs even in big groups. It seems that he intuitively knows who needs this extra push or a reassuring word.

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Also good during pregnancy

I've been going to Harold's class for six years now and think it's very good. His classes are challenging no matter how many years you've been going. His classes are also very versatile and he always motivates people to go that little bit further, without being too pushy. I like how Harold is very precise about each pose - he explains in detail what the learning points are and how to do each pose correctly to get the maximum benefit of each pose.


I continued going to Harold's classes during my two pregnancies. I kept going every Sunday up until the day my babies were born. Harold has been very good at giving me alternative poses or the necessary adjustments to poses where necessary. I think going to a yoga class like Harold's during pregnancy has kept my body and mind strong and has been a very good preparation for giving birth. Harold quite often says 'Breathe deeply, gracefully and continually' and this 'mantra' came in very handy during labour. I'm sure his class has also helped me get back into shape after giving birth.

I'd very much recommend Harold's yoga classes.

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Best Yoga Class Ever ! !

I have had worsening pain and problems with my back and knees for four years .
I could not walk properly or bend my knees , and definitely not do a squat !
I started attending Harold's yoga classes two years ago , and now my flexibility and strength is better than I have ever known .
Harold has a gift of healing and caring for people ,and I highly recommend his class teachings to all !!!

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A different level of yoga

I have off and on been doing yoga since my teens and I am now approaching 50. Over the years I have tried many styles and teachers but never anything like this. Harold practises what I would call extreme yoga, he pushes the body as far as you are willing to let it go. He understands the body and how to manipulate it. Yesterday I went to his session with lower back pain, he gave me some one-to-one and some exercises to take home. My back pain is 90% better. Too much spin and weights and not enough stretching so more Harold tomorrow.

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Yin Yang

I attended Harolds Yin Yang class for eleven years. I would still be attending if I still lived in London. I left four years ago when I had my little boy.When I started Harolds class I was recovering from a car accident and also suffered with nervous Exhaostion. I was also doing Iyenga Yoga and both really helped me to get back to optimal health. It was a slow process and took a couple of years to until I felt well again and get back my strength mentally and physically.


I always enjoyed the classes and ran a few classes myself for people with physical disabilities. and decided to become a trainer myself. My Diploma in fitness had Pilates as part of it and I did not want to do Pilates as I have aways been a yogi.I did the course and did not realise how much Pilates I was already doing in Yin Yang. I am now teaching Yin Yang my self and it is slowly building momentum in Grimsby. They love the free style nature of the classes and never know what to expect.
My clients are really looking forward to Harold coming to do a workshop in Grimsby.

Big thank you Harold:)

Kelly Chester
Pilates, Yin Yang, Personal Trainer and Nutrition www.nononsensefitness.co.uk

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When all else failed....

I went to Harold's class following a routine gym induction and tour. Having had surgery to my right hip, despite regular Physio for over a year I was not able to walk or stand for long periods without experiencing back pain and discomfort. I regretted the surgery I had as I was promised significant results, which did not materialise. I knew I had to get fitter and Harold recommended I sign up to his classes which I did, attending 2-3 classes a week.


What amazed me most about Harold's class is the simplicity and ease by which he demonstrates and helps you to learn the various Asana's. I knew nothing about yoga and found every position difficult at first due to my surgery but Harold took extra time with me to help me focus, paying particular attention to my weak and stronger areas and building my confidence and core strength over time. I continued my Physio sessions once a week while doing Harold's classes. After 12 weeks, my physiotherapist told me that I was 'too strong' and there was little benefit in carrying on with the weekly sessions. I was advised to carry on doing what I was doing and only come back if I had any problems. Such was the change in my posture, my core strength and my flat stomach my Physio advised me that they were going to return back to yoga themselves. Harold's Yoga has increased my core strength. Within a few months I felt the difference in my hip and lower back. I am completely pain free and no longer experience the back pain I had at the start of the year. I had two separate physio's for over a year and did not achieve these results. I thoroughly recommend Harold, his yoga workshops really work when all else failed...

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coggins over 50 s Yoga

james Mckenna


hello I am James McKenna age 68 I have been attending Harold,s over 50 yoga for about five months now and my well being is improving each week I was very sceptical about yoga but one afternoon whilst walking to the gym I met Harold he enquire if I had bad back because of the way I was walking I explained that I had suffered from back issues for over a year due to type of work I had been doing he suggested that I try over 50 yoga I initially found it much more difficult than I had invisioned But after talking to Harold we did a few lesson concentrating on back and hips. after two or thee lessons I noticed that the back pains had gone and now after a few months I can do movements and positions that I would never have been able to achieve before and even my doctor noticed that I was standing straighter and did comment on how fit I looked now all of the people attending these classes have seen remarkable improvement and Like myself will cancel other activities to ensure we attend both over 50 classes and Monthly workshop Harold is one of the most professional trainers I have met and is a great inspiration to all the class He has high expectations of the people attending and you can see that we all work hard to meet both his and our expectations Would recommend this class for all over 50 you can only benefit from attending. james

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Fantastic yoga class!

I recommend Harold's yoga class to everyone I know and every new person I meet because it is genuinely fantastic class! I discovered just how effective Harold's class was after a short hiatus following consistent weekly practice, I soon found that the strength and flexibility I had built was quick to slip away. Now I am back and am attending as many classes as possible as after every class I feel fantastic and revel in my progress (no matter how small).


My sister and I always joke that this yoga is like medicine.

And although you follow Harold in his class as part of a group, I have always found his way of teaching is such that it almost feels personalized to each and every person in attendance, as he encourages everyone to progress at the their own pace but always beyond any self imposed limits, meaning progress and development in the yoga practice is for me always evident after every session.

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Ever Hope

I am a true testament that Coggins Yoga & Pilates does wonders. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2004 and was unable to stoop. I had to crawl on all 4 (hands and feet) to go up the stairs. I tried every drug I heard of for arthritis but would only get temporary relief. The symptoms got worse over the years, at times when I tried to lift my arm it was like an impossible task.


My GP referred me to a consultant after a lot of examination and they couldn't diagnosed what was going wrong with my body so they gave me steroids and refer me to another consultant, who refer me to the third consultant, who advised me to try Pilates.

This is when I started in 2011 my first Yoga & Pilates session with Harold, who took particular interest and attention to my condition. After 3 of his sessions, the pain in my neck and arms stopped, and it was only a few months later I realised the pain in my knees and groin also disappeared. In addition, Harold gave me valuable tips on nutrition to help me getting restful sleep.

Thanks to Harold’s classes which I attend twice a week, it has now been 4 years I am free of all the arthritis pain.
I no longer have to crawl up the stairs, I run upstairs and I've been sleeping better.

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Inspiring Teacher

I couldn’t recommend highly enough Coggin’s Yoga classes.
Harold has a gift for enthusing students and adapting for all abilities so you can improve whatever your initial strengths and weaknesses are. He’s incredibly skilful and passionate, and he will make you dig deeper in yourself and encourage you to reach new height & level, you thought would not be possible. He is a very generous and genuine person who cares about his students.


I have followed his classes for many years, and I have learned valuable mobility techniques and poses, that have helped me with stress relief and deal with minor defects. Despite a very busy work schedule, every time I attend his class, I feel incredibly revitalised afterwards with a sense of peacefulness.

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Over 50's Yoga

I started attending Harold's over 50's yoga classes February 2015, I'don't never practice yoga before and was a little unsure as to whether or not I'don't be able to fully benefit from his classes. I have been disabled most of my childhood and all of my adult life, some 47 years. For the past 15 years I have suffered chronic knee and back pain, I'v had many operations over the years on both my knee and back.


Prior to taking Harold classes I was taking 1200mg of prescribed pain killers, 1000mg of over the counter pain killers and 3 monthly pain injections into my lower back.
Since taking the classes with the help and guidance of Harold I'v developed numerous techniques that helps me to manage my pain and reduce my intake of pain killers.
Recently after a very demanding hospital visit I went to class as usual I was in a tremendous amount of pain and questioned my judgement in attending the class. I let Harold know that I was not feeling great and in a lot of pain. Harold then proceeded with the class but with the emphasis on backs. I would stress that I'm not the only member of the class who suffers with back pain. By the end of the class the level of pain I was in had reduce significantly, Harold encouraged me to put my fear aside and follow his instructions and it paid off.

Harold classes have helped me more than I ever thought possible, his passion for helping people is genuine. I trust his methods and would recommend him to anyone thinking about taking yoga classes. Thank you Harold

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My yoga teacher, Harold shares his passion for yoga in each class without ever pushing but encouraging movement and opening up the body. He is very skilful and patient when explaining the moves.
My favorite part of class is the spiritual lesson that he weaves into practice and teaching to connect the mind to the body. And importantly addresses imbalance by doing opposite movements thus avoiding injury. I am growing into a greater relationship with my body and enjoying this journey. During the yoga workshop my first 4 hour I had a great time stretching my body and relaxing that night I slept soundly.

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I have been doing Harold ' s yoga for just over a year now and it has improved my practice immensely. Having practiced ashtanga yoga for about 5 years on and off prior to Harold class I could not understand why my flexibility and strength was not improving. Any class that I attended the teacher would say that I was really advanced but I knew that I had lots more to learn and that I could achieve more.


Harold has shown me that I was correct. I'm every class there is a new challenge he encourages me to try different things and to push myself more. In his class I am not advanced but I know that if I continue to attend and practice at home I will be. Harold takes time out for each of his students and manages to know exactly what you need to adjust or when you are not trying without moving from the spot. This class will benefit anyone who enjoys yoga and we constantly hear good reviews from people who have had ailments rectified.