Hayley Boulton

United Kingdom

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My yoga philosophy or mantra is to ‘Slow Down and Just Breathe’ thinking or concentrating on something as simple as the breath helps to calm the mind, bring energy into body and replenish all the cells of the body. My aim is a yoga instructor is to include all individuals with no regard to height, weight, gender, age, fitness level. Yoga in our modern world is very stereotypical of young, small, bendy, flexible people my philosophy is to get away from this and offer my yoga to everyone, a lot of people I’ve spoken to have commented that they can’t do yoga because they can’t pop their leg over their shoulder, they’re not flexible, it’s all about OM? My answer to each person is to try one of my classes and see how they feel. Yes, I have to offer a LOT of adjustments or modifications and if all they can do at the start of their journey with me, is lye in Child’s pose (Balasana) we can move on from there and I help them to either accept their bodies or help them to change what they can do.


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