Hayley Dailey

Latrobe, PA
United States

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Hayley began her yoga journey at the age of 13 in America in 2006. Her first yoga instructor was with Son Hui Yi an authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
who studied with Pattabi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. The following year in 2007, Hayley and her family moved to her mother's homeland, Israel. Hayley continued her yoga practice there with numerous Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga instructors at the school, Myoga- in Kfar Saba, Israel. She feels as though yoga had found her, and through out her entire life, through the hard times, the stress full times, yoga had helped her get through the pains of illness, the stresses of school, and the pressures of daily life. In 2012, at the age of 18 Hayley moved to an ashram in Israel called "Ashram in The Desert", and lived there for half a year for WOMP (working meditation program).While living there she studied yoga and several different active meditations created by the Guru Acharya Rajneesh -also known as OSHO. At the age of 19 she moved back to the United states to study Different homeopathic therapy's, yoga, and academic's at college. When Hayley is not practicing yoga or studying for college, she enjoy's swimming, LED light and fire hula hooping, exploring nature, doing art, singing and playing guitar at open mic's, traveling, and cooking healthy organic meals.
Hayley completed her RYT with the 2013-2014 Yoga Alliance certification program through Moonglow Yoga. Her classes are inspirational, easy flowing, and very empowering. Hayley plans on continuing her yoga education for years to come, and hope's to inspire people through teaching yoga and meditation, while still traveling on her own yoga journey.


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