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Hello! I am Hayley.

For me, Yoga is something so much more than just stretching and sweating. Yoga is LIFE brought alive. It is every breath fully inhaled and exhaled without force. It is meeting every moment and your Self over and over again in the deepest intimacy and expression of your own truth.

There are many ways to connect with our inner nature. Yoga is one of many contemplative practices that provides us with tools that allow us to come closer to ourselves.

The way I teach is unique and creative and is tailored to the needs of the students. I allow for adaptation in both sequence and form, which encourages the practitioner to develop their own unique relationship with their body, mind, spirit and practice (Sadhana). Strong yet gentle, dynamic yet meditative – each session has a focus on enhancing awareness alongside a safe and effective practice that offers to both challenge and deeply relax. Working with a variety of themes, incorporating philosophy, mindfulness and creativity, the emphasis is on evoking and embodying a state presence and awareness that can be utilized not just on the yoga mat, but also in daily life.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 9 years and am a qualified yoga therapist. I teach yoga for children, yoga nidra, voice work, kirtan and have a keen interest in somatic psychotherapy. I LOVE what I share and feel ever grateful to do so.

I spent 5 years living in India and Thailand where I trained intensively in the Yogic Arts, Healing systems and Yogic & Buddhist forms of Meditation. I have also spent time in Central America and California. I stayed at the Esalen Institute, in California, for 3 1/2 months, where I studied gestalt relational therapy, somatic movement practices and intuitive movement. I continue to learn through my greatest teacher, life, and through immersing myself in opportunities for growth on all levels.

I am currently exploring ways to integrate Yoga with Sound healing and Somatic Psychotherapy with greater depth through my own experience and this will, eventually, inform how I share this work with others.

The journey of yoga is vast and unending. I couldn’t tell you exactly when it began - It feels like it’s been living in my cells my whole life! Every moment gets richer and more intimate.

See you on the inside!

With love



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