Hayley Pulham

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Welcome to my little space on the internet. The "about section" here we I am a secondary school and beginning Yoga teacher. My lifelong passion has always been wellbeing; I have studied for many years in the fields of Psychology, Education and Health and have concluded that the three aspects actually work really well together! This year I have formed a partnership with Amber Parry, an experienced Yoga instructor, and created 'Hache Are' Wellbeing Retreats. Our core belief is that wellbeing is a personal sense of balance. Amber and I believe that 'retreat' can actually mean more than 'to move away'; it can also mean 'to move toward' a goal by lessening distraction. That is the aim of our retreat space - to give our clients the ability to lessen the distraction of 'real life' whilst they practice the tools of wellbeing.

Week of July 19TH

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