Hayley Weston

Adelaide SA

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With 10 years experience as a dance teacher I naturally transitioned from ‘yoga student’ to ‘yoga teacher’. Dance has been a major part of my life so when I found yoga a few years ago I immediately felt a connection and knew it would become part of who I am.
Yoga gives me the opportunity to connect, heal, balance and push myself to my highest potential. It makes me feel positive, gives me strength, makes me aware of the people in my life and thankful for the things I have. Yoga brings me clarity and self-understanding, it has helped me to get to know myself and what I trust in, and learn to keep an open mind and try new things.
The benefits of practicing yoga can be life-changing. Yoga builds strength, improves flexibility, helps injuries and also promotes mind and body connection. I love the way Hot Yoga makes you feel at the end of a class… energised and detoxified! The heat allows deeper stretching and sweating, which flushes the body of toxins and nasty substances like alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Breathing and meditation in yoga can relieve anxiety, it can help free the mind of the unnecessary clutter giving a sense of calm and peace.


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