Hazel Lamarre

Burlington, ON

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I started my yoga journey after an injury running and realized the healing potential of yoga. I also became intimately aware that the body does not heal as easily as we would like as we age. Over my years of doing yoga and my enthusiasm to remain forever agile as I once was, I also realized that ego can only hurt me in my yoga. I share my learnings with my students in keeping them safe on the mat while slowly adjusting the body & mind to better health. I specialize in alignment, belief & attitude results in individuals lives. I prefer to work one-on-one with individuals who wish to receive the benefits of yoga physically, emotionally and spiritually. I harbour a strong belief that the body, mind and our life circumstances are connected.
I help women to have better lives with yoga therapy: physically on they mat- and with counselling: emotionally off their mat.(Google: Hazel Lamarre for more information)

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