Heather Ballard

Maple Valley, WA
United States

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Do you want to find more balance in your life? Are you overworked, stressed out and anxious? Is your body tired, sore and tight? Yoga is a complete practice for the mind and body. Improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Reduce stress and fatigue and calm your mind. It doesn't need to be fancy, it’s not a competition and it doesn’t need to be scary. It’s for the marathon runner and the casual walker, the young and the old. It’s about moving, stretching, breathing and doing something that is good for you. Yoga is a lifestyle. We don’t do it, we practice it. Once you start, it will always be with you!

My focus is using mindful, healthy movements to increase stability, mobility and longevity. I love teaching about body awareness and how connecting with your breath and slowing down your practice can still be intense and also feel great! Yoga will give you what you put into it…whether it’s a purely physical practice or brings you closer to a physical, emotional and spiritual connection. It's all about finding and maintaining a healthy balance!

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