Heather Baur

Akron, OH
United States
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Heather Baur (Cleveland, OH) has been teaching, dancing and choreographing for the past 15 years. She holds a Dance Education Licensure from Kent State (OH) and is a graduate of Bowling Green State University (OH) where she obtained her Science and Education. Other educational experience includes studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the University of Urbino in Italy. After college she performed in NYC with The Vissi Dance Theater and acted as The Assistant Dance Director at St. Joseph’s Magnet Arts High School. Upon her return to Cleveland she spent five years dancing with MorrisonDance. Heather then relocated to Maine where was a principle dancer with Collective Motion and Sonar Dance. In Maine she also helped produce and direct the New England Dance Project. She taught at Berwick Academy, and started a dance/yoga program at Falmouth High School. Heather has been commissioned to choreograph and perform works in NYC, Cleveland and in Maine. Her experience extends internationally in Israel at the Yitzhak International Arts Gathering. Heather has returned again to her hometown, where she continues to perform and create with MorrisonDance, and has become a 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. As the ancient Zen Proverb says “Move and the way will open.”


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I do a lot of yoga and have had a lot of teachers. But heather puts them all to shame. I truly enjoy here classes because she pushed you. And just when you don't think you can go anymore somehow you find the inner strength to go beyond the burn.

Heather BaurMay 29, 2017

Thanks John! Always great to have you in class:-) great to see your type of dedication.

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Knowledgeable, generous and empowering

I have taken Heather's power vinyasa and restorative yoga classes and both are wonderful experiences. Her vinyasa sequences are thoughtfully prepared and build througout the class. Her thorough warm-up allows for a full expression of each pose and her pacing is just perfect. Heather's teaching style is encouraging and empowering, open and compassionate. She inspires her students to work to their full potential but also to feel comfortable resting and modifying poses when necessary.


In Heather's restorative class, she creates a blissful meditative experience that draws on yogic philosophy and uses props in creative ways for a deeply-felt restful experience. As a long-time dancer and yogi, Heather has a deep understanding of how the body works and she guides her students safely through class with clear body and weight placement instructions. Heather is just a fantastic teacher and offers an energizing, fun and inspiring class with positive vibes all around.

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Fun and powerful

Heather is an awesome teacher- she is full of positive energy and leads a well constructed class- I was having such a good time that I almost forgot what an intense workout she was giving us!! Her playlists are fantastic too!!

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Heather is the best!

Heather Baur is an experienced, knowledgable, hands on, amazing adjustments kind of teacher. Sweet, funny, personable. She brings her expertise and body/movement-based background from dance to her experience as a yoga instructor and is also up on the latest health tips and tricks from organic products to healthy food to essential oils. She's got her finger on the pulse in life. Students are lucky to have her!

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Alicia. Beginner.

Heather is very passionate about yoga. Her class is very good.

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I love Heather- her technique and style are adaptable and motivating to experienced as well as seasoned yogis! She leads and teaches my staff every Wednesday through a 15 minute yoga class that we broadcast live on facebook and Heather is amazing on camera and on the yoga mat! Friendly, motivational and challenging... always a favorite in my book of yogis!

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Not your average yoga class

Heathers classes are so fun! She gives a great workout, will make you laugh and offers nuggets of spiritual goodness.

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Heather is a great teacher.She takes extra time to demonstrate and explain the yogo moves to you'Idid moves that I never thought I could do and she makes it fun.