Heather Munro

Friday Harbor, WA
United States

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Heather believes there are many doorways and pathways that lead one to experience a direct connection with one’s own Soul and that of Spirit or the Divine.

The practice of Yoga in all its entirety is one of those pathways.

She aims to meet her students where they are by offering a blended balance of strength, mobility, deep release and restoration in her classes and guided experiences.

Her Yoga journey began at the age of 15. As an athlete and avid mover, she found herself in her first Yoga class among yogis three times her age. That was one of the most challenging movement practices she had yet to encounter she remembers thinking, "what is this all about?" And, the seed was planted in that first practice during Savasana (final relaxation pose.)

The journey continues to unfold for Heather, she has traveled the world following her teachers as a dedicated student of the path of Raja and Tantra Yoga. From New Zealand to India she has encountered the murky yet beautiful depths of her soul in order to come back time and time again with new insights, clarity and greater awareness’ that she shares within all her classes and offerings.

She works primarily one on one with individuals in her studio in Friday Harbor and loves the opportunity to gather community together in order to practice in a group settings where she lives and beyond. She weaves ceremony, moon cycles, yoga philosophy, alignment, functional movement, biomechanics and different forms of spirituality throughout her classes showing the truest reflection of her own experience through this path.

She holds a 200 hr. certification with 90 Monkeys and 10+ years of advanced practice with her teachers around the world with various certifications in the ancient practices of Tantra and Raja Yoga.

She loves nothing more than to open her heart, mind and soul to those curious about this practice in order to guide them into direct connection with their body, mind, soul and ultimately the divine.
Please see her website to learn more about her how she serves those on the island and beyond: