Heather Muroski

Deland, FL
United States

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Hello! What better way to learn about the human body, mind and idea of divinity than through the studies of the 8 limbs of Yoga? I discovered yoga after my teacher, Emma, helped me realize how much control over my insides I have with just my breath. I've had heart condition called SVT for as long as I remember and through the practice of yoga, and specifically syncing my breath with my movements, I have been able to gain control of my condition without the use of medication.

I have completed a 300 hour Precision Alignment Yoga teacher training through the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors and have been teaching for 4 years. My asana philosophy is simple, props are for pros! Id like to show people that props should not be used as a "handicap" but should be treated as part of the pose and an extension of our and that is the truest way to bring the body back to alignment.


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