Heather Senderewich

Winnipeg, MB

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Heather began practicing Moksha in 2009 while she was trying to nurse a broken leg back to health. She figured it would be a good way to keep active and then the leg muscles would not atrophy.

And her yoga plan worked! She was able to return immediately back to sports after getting the green light from her Doctor. But by then it was too late, she was officially hooked on Yoga.

Heather took her first Moksha training in Brazil in 2012, she then took her Barre training in October 2012, Yin training in Feb 2013 and Flow training in April 2013. Her recent trainings have her certified in Hot Yoga Yogassage Therapy (which is a wonderful practice and treat!)

When not at the yoga studio Heather has an affinity for drinking tea, playing sports, cooking, and being crafty. She also helps her family run their family business - the Motor Inn - in her hometown where she grew up.