Heider Souza

Czech Republic

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He left native Brazil as a child and moved with his parents to Portugal, where since the age of 17 he worked as a personal trainer at a prestigious spa and fitness club Holmes Place.
The interest in Eastern philosophy and desire to assist clients in other ways than just strength training, urged him to study philosophy and to open his own studio.
Heider met Monika after moving to the Czech Republic and their common desire for adventure led them to the Indian mountains, the place where Dalai Lama lives. They
wanted to soak up the atmosphere of the true teachings of yoga from the enlightened Gurus.
Heider has an amazing gift and touch in his hands, he is recently studying Ayurvedic massage and healthy lifestyle according to Ayurveda.
Hatha yoga under his direction is different from anything you've ever experienced.

The individually guided lessons combines yoga with Brazilian rhythms that pleasantly warm up
your body. You will have fun, time to relax and you will leave our studio charged with positive energy.


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