Heidi Pascual

United Kingdom

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I have been practising yoga for many years, but began to dedicate my life and passion to a deeper exploration and yoga Sadhana, or practice in 2009. Since that time, my life has been beautifully transformed.

My twenties were dedicated to exploring our equisite world, discovering the natural wonders of Africa, the colour and vibrancy of Latin America, the exotica of Asia and the cultural colour of Europe. Experiencing the sensory delight of our world from sunrise to sunset; I fell head over heels, enamoured with life. I married my Peruvian husband in the Andes of Peru, and returned home after a decade of exploring. I found life distant and disconnected on my return to the , as if the world had lost its colour. It was then that I discovered yoga. My thirties have been a very different kind of journey; an inner journey. The path of yoga lights the way to our inner world, an ocean without depths, beauty beyond words, an expanse without horizon. Yoga has offered me a world beyond this world, the bliss of an ocean’s sunset on a cold, cloudy day and love’s forever open arms.

I fell head of heels in love with Yoga and immersed myself in its bliss. My life totally transformed, as many yogi’s tale ends and begins. My life style, my job, my health and my insights gently evolved, as my yoga path deepened.

I immersed myself in the study of yoga, Svadhyaya. I have completed a BWY and Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Diploma (390 hours) at Triyoga, London and a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training (200 hours) with Claire Missingham.

I have been fortunate in working with some wonderful yoga tutors including Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Claire Missingham, Shiva Rea, Jeff Phenix and Faye Riches, who have instilled inspiration and yoga passion both in my practice and my teaching.

I enjoy sharing the practice of yoga in a variety of environments. I teach mixed level classes at Clarice House, The Tree Room Colchester, private studios and yoga within companies, including Hiscox Insurance and Kids Physio 2U. In addition, I offer one to one yoga to my clients; regular workshops at The Tree Room, exploring asana, pranayama, mediation, yoga philosophy and restorative yoga; yoga for charity and yoga retreats.


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