Helen Keates

United Kingdom

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Helen is a dedicated yogi and instructor, who has been teaching dynamic flow yoga in Maidstone, Kent, since 2008.

She loves sharing her Ashtanga-inspired passion with people of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, believing that everybody can benefit from a bit of yogic bliss on whichever level serves them best in their present moment. Her goal is to show her enthusiasm and dedication with every moment she teaches.

"I truly believe that the secret to a fully rounded yoga practice, is to have a good element of fun! Join me for regular inversion workshops, SUP (paddleboard) yoga on a lake, or hot, sweaty vinyasa!"

When not on the mat, you could find Helen exploring the Kentish countryside by foot or bike, paddling along the Medway, doing handstands in the garden, or experimenting with smoothies, raw food and all things healthful!


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