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My name is Helen Miller Lynch, I am a Swedish x-ray tech/nurse specialized in
Cardiovascular Interventions, Certified MediYoga therapist and teacher, Educational
Director for USA, IAYT800 & RYT500.
Medical Yoga or as its called “MediYoga” has been integrated in over 10 percent of the
Swedish hospitals and healthcare units. As MediYoga practitioners, we have achieved
remarkable success in combining age-old holistic tools with modern medicine. Orthodox
modern medicine is superb at emergency care while yoga is a complete philosophical
system that supports our own healing process. All of our instructors and therapists are
healthcare professionals who now use MediYoga as a complementary tool in their
everyday work.
Medi Yoga as it has been shaped and developed at ,IMY,The Institute for Medical Yoga,
in Stockholm ,Sweden, in close collaboration with the Swedish healthcare system is a
therapeutic form of yoga based on the classical kundalini yoga.
In this form of yoga IMY has woven fundamental aspects of Ayurveda, from the age-old
medicine of India and components from TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.
MediYoga was developed during clinical / therapeutic work with people and through
courses with tens of thousands of participants at hundreds of Swedish businesses since
early 1998. This yogic system is also developed based on the results of hundreds of
scientific studies around the world on various forms of yoga, including half a dozen
Swedish studies.
MediYoga which includes a hundred different yoga poses(asanas) and meditations , is a
distinct therapeutic system, that can be used in the rehabilitation of groups with different
needs, such as lung disease, exhaustion, stress, various forms of back problems, cancer,
cardiovascular problems , sleep disorders , eating disorders, Parkinson's disease, MS,
migraine, children with in the autism spectrum etc etc. - And also tailored to the
individual's specific and unique needs. All exercises are based on the individual's ability
and capacity.
Mediyoga is a very gentle form of yoga. Is this for you? Our form of yoga is suitable for
virtually everyone, including people with physical or psychological limitations. Whether
you are confined to bed, a wheelchair user or fully mobile, our yoga offers plenty for you.


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