Helena Bakay


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Helena started her practice 5 years ago. At the beginning she was learning by her own, but very soon she felt that yoga has become part of her life and she wants to learn more from experienced teachers. She started to attend different lectures and workshops. It made Helena love yoga even more. The moment came when she desired to share her knowledge with others. She completed teacher training programs in Dariia Koriakina yoga school and Devdan Yoga International school and became certified yoga teacher. For helena, yoga is kind of assistant in everything she does. It has completely changed her outlook on life, on conflicts and obstacles. Yoga has in fact transformed Helena into energetic, physically and emotionally strong and positive person. She keeps practicing and because of that she keeps seeing her life potential. Due to her own experience, Helena believes that yoga is not just physical exercise, but rather practice which brings balance and harmony to every human life.


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