Helena Forsell

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After 15 years as a practitioner of yoga, Helena went to the mountaintops of the Himalayas, India, to undergo her Yoga teacher training in 2013.
Since then she is a full time yoga teacher, giving Hatha Flow and Yin yoga classes in Beirut & Stockholm.
Helena’s teaching is always compassionate, mindful & creative, with the goal of all students leaving the class feeling light, balanced and energized. And a little bit happier…!

“For me, the beauty of yoga lies in the simplicity of it. And the fact that it really works! Through awareness, breath, and some postures, you can reach into your very core, to your being. And on top of that, you are taking care of your body and your health (becoming strong, lean and shiny!) All while practicing love and acceptance towards yourself and others. That’s it. That’s the beauty of yoga for me. That’s what I teach. It might look like a down dog to you, but for me it’s all about love and acceptance. And breath!”

She designs simple yet challenging classes that allows each student to discover what they need and what they can do at that moment, together with their breath and body. Always offering a safe and fun practice that builds stamina & core, promotes balance & clarity, and increases flexibility and energy flow.
She recently moved back to her home country Sweden and is now starting to spread her yoga teachings there.

During the summer of 2014, Helena went back to Himalaya together with her husband, Mihran Shaklian to study Ayur Vedic nutrition and massage with Dr Arun Sharma at “Ayuskama Ayurveda Clinic and Panchakarma Center” in Bhagsu, Dharmshala, India. The last two years the couple had Urban Yoga Beirut, a small in home yoga studio in Beirut, where they were offering yoga, wellbeing and Ayur Vedic massage. They are now continuing their life and yoga in Stockholm, starting up their new business in the country of Snow :)

Helena is also a freelance filmmaker, writer and producer. Originally from Sweden, she moved to Beirut, Lebanon, in 2006 (and came back to the motherland in 2016) She believes in our natural ability to heal ourselves and others, and likes to play in the snow and to cook healthy, natural, locally produced, food.

Certified with Yoga Alliance , 200 Hrs, Multistyle, at Trimurti School of Yoga, Dharamshala, Himalaya, India, 2013.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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the best class to relax and tune your body & heart

Helena's lesson always makes me feel so comfortable and completely relaxed. She doesn't ask us by saying you should do in this way or that way, but she in fact guides us. She doesn't say I should extend myself or I should relax my shoulder more, but when she is near to me, I could naturally feel what I should do on the moment.


In the beginning of every lesson, Helena asks us what is our intent to come to join the class and at the end of the class, I always recognize that I achieved the intent I set in the beginning.
Before I used to suffer from my backache, but after going to her class, it was cured. Now, I become more center-focused and relaxed person than before, which is very effective not only in my daily life but in my business scene as well.
The words Helena gives to us during the lesson are always inspiring as well. Because maybe the teacher herself has been struggled a lot and beyond many things in her journey, that is why she could understand others' how they feel, how they struggle. I used to like to go to spa by paying a lot, but it is not necessary anymore. Her Yin Yoga class itself is a relaxation spa for me and celebration moment to appreciate to my body, my soul, my life and all the people I love. Namaste, Helena..I deeply appreciate that you makes me learn a lot.

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Great teacher efficient and pleasnt

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Helena is a distinguished yoga teacher

Helena helped me to built strength while listeneing to my body following my own rythm.She has a deep understanding of her student's abilities at all levels and never looks to challenge them.Helena has made deep changes in my practice and thereafter in my life in a very smooth but efficient way.

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A real healthy workout

Helena's classes are just full of positivity and knowledge. She adapts the exercises to your needs and your focus. Your personal goals are constantly considered. A must try!

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Helena is an amazing teacher, she has inspired me on personal and yogi levels.
Yoga has became a part of my daily routine.

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Amazing teacher

I've been training with Helena since last June and I have to say my whole body has transformed. Even when I am traveling and cannot make it to class every week, I can still do a mini practice that she's taught me and it keeps my breathing and body in check. She has got me addicted to yoga! She's pleasant, and friendly and easy-going and very attentive and dedicated. The classroom is a very safe and relaxing place with so much positive energy. I would definitely recommend classes with Helena to all the yogis out there.